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    波音公司亞洲區銷售經理Mike GU一行到訪蘇商集團
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    •       今天下午,波音公司亞洲區銷售經理Mike GU一行到蘇商集團就雙方飛機合作事宜進行了深入交流,蘇商集團董事長陳家俊、副總經理王永中、財務總監楊華、市場部經理劉杰等參加了本次會議。


            Mike GU對集團的發展和航空公司籌備進展表示了高度肯定,愿意通過波音平臺為蘇商集團租賃或者購買飛機提供強大的支持,本周也與總部溝通確定技術保持支持的框架合作協議文本,雙方盡快簽訂合作協議。

      Mike GU, Boeing's Sales Manager of Asia Branch , and his party visited Susun Group

          This afternoon, Mike GU and his party visited Susun Group. Mr. Chen Jiajun, chairman of Susun Group; Mr. Wang Yongzhong, the deputy manager; Mrs. Yang Hua, the financial director and Mr. Liu Jie, the marketing manager attended the meeting. They together made a in-depth discussion on the cooperation of the aircraft.

          Mr. Chen Jiajun, chairman of Susun Group, made a introduction about the background of the Group, the preparation progress of Wu Hua Airways and the current operation of City Airways. He also proposed the development planning of the two company which was to form a fleet that contains twenty-one B737-800 through self-buying, strategic cooperation and the establishment of cooperative mechanisms within the next three years. At the meantime, he put forward two intentions: First is to enhance the strategic cooperation and to establish a cooperative mechanism. Second is to set up technical support for the guidance and cultivation of aircraft maintenance in order to improve the management of maintenance service.

          Mike GU spoke highly of the group’s development and the preparation progress of the airlines. He agreed that he would like to provide Susun Group with strong support for renting or buying the aircraft. Then, he pointed out that he would communicate with the headquarter to make the cooperation framework agreement of technical support and make sure that both parties could sign the agreement as soon as possible.

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