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    • 第五批繁星黨員微故事已經正式上線,南京銀橋國際生活廣場有限公司老干部黨支部書記魯民的微故事入選。



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      ??????? ??????????????????????? ?????????????   ??????????????? ???LiuMin  ???????????? ??????????????? ?????????????????????

      In 2015, Lu Min published her eassy collection“The Grass”by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing House at her 83. The thick book contains various forms such as poets, prose, travel notes and so on. Also, the content of the book includes affection between family members, brothers and sisters, and things about her hometown complex, book reviews and sentiment of life. These all reflects Mrs.Lu’s noble spirit and gracious pursuit of life.
      Lu Min joined the Party since 1932, and she is 85 years old now. All these yeas, she has been bearing in mind her role as a Party member. She has been organizing and participating in branch activities as well as studying at the department of literary and history of Jinling Elderly University .Many of her essays such us “Find the location and contribute more”,”My Nominal Mother”have been awarded.
      Mrs.Lu was born in poverty. She joined the Eighth Route Army while she was 13. She studied persistently and as a result, she turned into a writer from a illiteracy. She always says, Learn everything from everything. Recent years, she taught herself how to type and surf and she proudly told youngsters, My body is old but not for my heart and I will always keep up with the pace of this era.
                               (unit: Municipal Committee of Agriculture) 
      Comments: One’s word reflect his thought and show his spirit. Lu Min is just like her words, respectable and worth to be learned.

      Lu Min, the Secretary of the Party branch of Yin Qiao International,whose deeds have been chosen to be the nominee of the fifth “ Micro-story”Award from the Communist Party of Nanjing Branch .

      All the nominees of The fifth “Star Micro-story”award have been officially launched on-line. Lu Min, the secretary of the party branch of Yin Qiao International Plaza, is one of the nominees who had her very own story of .

      Glory as the sunset, Bright as the heat.

      Name Card of the Party member: Lumin, born in April, 1932, joined the Party in 1945. She is now the secretary of the Party branch of Yin Qiao International Plaza Co., Ltd.

      Commitment of the Party member:To do something, To be happy.

      Here is the letter of a reader who have finished“The Grass”,the collection of Lu Min: Dear Lu Min, It is easy to write an article but composing a book is another story! Especially for people like us, we should read this book gravely. Because first, we could gain knowledge from the book and second, we could get into know more about the people at that time, in other words, the society and the history of China.

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