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Making Hard Papers Easy

Academic papers can be convoluted and confusing.  If English isn't your mother tongue, the work is even harder.  

I'll smooth out the difficulties.  I can summarize annoying papers or explain important ones to you step by step.  I can also correct the language of papers you yourself write.

I’d be glad to help.  Contact me for more info.

"Tova does a great job summarizing papers.  She cuts to the crux quickly and explains things really well.  She's my go-to person."

Mackenzie Brooks

"The worse part of my grad degree are the horrible long papers I'm always having to analyze.  Tova reads them for me and explains what's going on.  Makes my degree a lot easier.


"Tova explains complex papers to me step by step.  She breaks things down and lets me understand things I never would have been able to get otherwise.  She's great at what she does."

Ellie Richardson

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