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Speaking is the most effective way to learn a language, trumping intensive language courses, watching foreign television, or spending time abroad.  Speaking with a native speaker is crucial, as only a native speaker can competently correct you, directing your grammar and guiding vocabulary expansion. 

I speak four languages; English and Hebrew are my mother tongues, and I’ve been teaching them for years.  I taught myself Italian and German, so I understand what you’re going through and what can be confusing when learning a new language.  Together, we’ll target your weaknesses.

I offer two learning possibilities:


Through speech, we’ll correct the frequent errors in your speech, learn valuable rules for speaking correctly, and amass a vocabulary with the most common and useful words in the English language.  This is the most efficient way to improve your language skills, with a minimal amount of effort. 

         Grammar: Reading and Writing

These lessons are conducted systematically.  We'll review grammar fundamentals, understand the quirks of the language, and inculcate idioms within your vocabulary.  Understand the heart of the language and learn to speak like a native speaker!

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English: crucial in work and study, prominent in science and business, imperative in foreign travel.  As technology advances and the world becomes more interconnected, English is growing ever more important.  Imperfect English is a handicap.  And by the time your children will have grown, anything short of fluency will be a serious problem. 

I can make learning English learning efficient and fun for you and your child – just contact me for more information.  Happy chatting!

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שלום, נאים להכיר! שמי טובה, ואני פה כדי לעזור לכם עם עברית

Israel is a foremost country in international diplomacy, a leading figure in national security, and a country at the forefront of science, technology, and startups.  For anyone wishing to go into one of these fields, Hebrew is an important asset.  Hebrew is also one of the most ancient languages in the world, with deep historical and cultural implications. 

There are few Hebrew native speakers in the world, and I’m one of them.  Consult me about a lesson today!

"Tova was great to talk to.  She taught me so many new words, showed me how to use them, and reviewed them with me all the time.  Our conversations were fun and I looked forward to them.  She was also incredibly supportive, texting me all the time out of her own time to see how my word practice was going or if I had any problems.  She was great.  Highly recommended."

Bonnie Pollack

"Tova is great.  Helped me so much.  Always there for me.  So smart.  She helped me a lot and she will help you too."

Chaya Ashkenzi

"These lessons were fantastic.  My husband is a dilomat in Israel and I was taking intense Hebrew lessons for a long time without really progressing.  The second I started learning with Tova my progress accelerated.  She's brilliant and knows how to lead you through the lessons so that things are much clearer by the end.  My confidence shot up after my time with her, and we still keep in touch today."

Robbie White

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