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Exceed Your Expectations

Sure, your SAT is important.  But if your grades aren’t great, that’s not enough.   Your high school grades aren't the only qualification for getting into high school, but they’re the most important.  Make sure they’re as good as they can be.    

I bring important qualifications to the field of tutoring.  I have a solid education in math, physics and the arts as well as over a dozen years of experience in teaching. Just as importantly, I have the emotional intelligence with which to transmit this knowledge to others.  I teach the following three subjects on a regular and frequent basis, and my students are able to grasp new material quickly and thoroughly.  Please contact me with any possible issues; I’d be glad to answer your questions.


To Calculus & Beyond

I grew up teaching math to my friends, and continued doing so throughout my degree as a biomedical engineer.   I have a deep understanding of the concepts you need to master.  More importantly, I know exactly how to teach math so that you’ll understand it.  Ask me anything!



Easy and Fun - Or At Least It Should Be

During the course of my degree in the prestigious Israeli institute, the Technion, I received a thorough education in advanced maths and physics.  I have a deep understanding of high school Physics and of how to transfer that knowledge to others. 

I think it’s important to teach Physics so that it becomes interesting and intuitive – not a jumbled mass of formulas.  Once that’s true, it becomes much easier to grasp.  Let me make Physics easy and fun for you or your children.


How to Write, and How to Read

I’ve written hundreds of essays in the past dozen years and would be happy to teach you how to construct one yourself.  We’ll go together through the steps of making a good essay, and you’ll receive thorough, detailed critique and feedback.  We’ll explore the depth and meaning of the books you’re assigned; I have a comprehensive knowledge of fiction, and can guide you through the mazes of classical literature.   Happy reading!



"Tova's great.  She's sweet, patient, and she explained everything carefully and thoroughly.  My math grades moved from the 70's to the 90's."

Jennifer Michaels

"These lessons were great.  Tova crammed a lot of material into one lesson, and I felt how much she was helping me.  She also taught me how to learn, and brought me to the level where I was totally independent.  Really happy."

Max Brenner

"We were very pleased with Tova.  She helped Laurel raise her grades to a degree we hadn't thought she could do.  Laurel loves her.  We're very satisifed."

Robbie White, Laurel's mother

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